The Hellcat III


It’s Monday morning and I have to run some errands. So I thought I’d take this opportunity to have a listen to a newish band on the scene, The Hellcat III.

Hailing from the Central Coast, North of Sydney Australia, Earth. They describe themselves as playing rockabilly/surf.

For me rockabilly can be a difficult genre to get right. So often you get bands that have been around for years, doing the same thing week after week, month after month and even year after year…without doing anything different. Playing the same covers, note for note without deviating from the formula.

Will The Hellcat III go that direction? I sure as hell hope not… Especially if you go by their first EP release. Cameron (guitarist) has promised me that they endeavour to not become repetitive with middle of the road dance tunes. I’ve threatened to punch him in the throat if they go down that road.

What I really like about these guys is their background. Cameron used to or still does play in the Casino Rumblers (Psychobilly with horns.. Where the hell are they??) and his own surf band Endless Surfari. Their drummer Richard also played in Endless Surfari, which has really helped bring that surf influence too light. Alex, bass player, comes from a background that could either get me killed or castrated…so I’ll keep that one secret.

Now the actual EP. I’m going to review 3 of the 5 songs.


Consisting of 5 cracking tracks. This is one hell of a first release. Right from the 1st track (Call the Shots), you get a feeling of where this band is heading. That first riff just gets you going right off the bat, everything else just brings it all together nicely for a song that will get ya moving.

Track no. 2 (Four Hours to Go), again has one hell of a cool start.. This is typical of Cam, who has proven guitar chops. A song about driving has to have that driving feel, which I personally think this song has.. Yes another winner!

Track 3 (37 Olds’).. This track is my favourite. Why? Because this instrumental is where I think The Hellcat III really shine, with their musicianship and that surf background. I personally enjoy surf but too much can get repetitive (my thoughts), so too have it break up some rockabilly is a really nice change. This is where Richards drumming and Cams guitar really shines with Alex’s bass really nicely rounding off this track.

I asked Cam… Why rockabilly?

Our choice to play this style is simple. It really is the music we love. The sound of the slap bass and gretsch guitars. But having Richard gives as a bit more power than what we feel others do. I think that translates through the bands energy.

You know what.. I couldn’t agree more.
I’m really impressed by these guys and can’t wait to see where they’re headed in years to come!

Take It Sleazy
Wolfman Dan



The Chickenstones – Johnny Streetlight

Welcome to my first review! With my review, I thought I’d take a slightly different approach when it came to album reviews. I very rarely get the opportunity to sit down and listen to an album from start to finish, having a 5 year old daughter running around will do that..  So I figured, why not listen to the album’s the way I normally l listen to my music… In my car running around doing shopping, taking my daughter to gymnastics and stuff like that. Naturally doing it this way means it takes a while to listen to a full album.

But boy am I glad I did it this way… Purely because I think it gives a true reflection on how most of us get to listen to a release these days.

I want to make one thing clear. This album freaking rocks. Straight from the get go you can hear nothing but dirty rocking roll. As if it were being played in pub with the stench of stale beer… if CD’s had a smell, that’s what this CD would smell like.

The Chickenstones have been around for many many years, since 2007 infact. They still stay true to their roots which has always been and it makes me thirsty saying so…Pub Rock.


Hard hitting drums, solid bass and good rock guitar makes this album pretty darn amazing. Track after track you can hear something different that hasn’t been done before on a Chickenstones the piano on their first track High Street. But if I had to choose stand out tracks.. for me they include Johnny Streetlight, Old Dogs, One and Only Girl as well as Nasty Disposition.

Yes, this is an awesome album but honestly I suggest you check it out on Spotify as well as a whole range of streaming service. Then after a few songs, give up some cash to buy this album at Google Play or iTunes as well as the following…

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Take it Sleazy

Wolfman Dan